Get out bloodsuckers! Bed Bugs Repeller

If there are bedbugs in the apartment, you must immediately begin to act. It is best to invite a specialized service for this, or to purchase funds in aerosols or sprays.

In addition to them, sometimes you can find bedbug traps in stores. But do not rely heavily on them - unlike ants or cockroaches, which react to food bait, these parasites are only interested in human blood.

Advantages and disadvantages

Main disadvantage these kind of traps is that there it is very difficult to deliberately entice the bug - no bait can do it. In addition, they find a sleeping person by a unique combination of many factors that are rather difficult to simulate with improvised means.

Also, using bedbug traps it is impossible to destroy a large enough colony. Under these conditions, they can only become an auxiliary tool. But when the bugs only appeared in the room and did not have time to lay eggs, this tool will work fine.

By virtue bed bug traps at home is ease of manufacture, and in the case of acquisition - relative cheapness. Using such a tool for 1-2 nights you can check the room for bugs infestation - if there are parasites, then they will definitely fall into it. And this, in turn, will be a signal for more serious action.

Traditional species

Usually in stores you can buy adhesive tapes and carbon traps.

Sticky tapes - This means in the form of sheets, boxes or tapes, smeared with a sticky, not long drying glue. They must be placed in places where parasites move from the nest to the feeding place, and back. Sheets must be constantly checked to determine where most of the insects come from, and thereby adjust further placement.

Also sticky sheets should be put under the legs.. On the one hand, this is a way to check whether they come from outside, or live somewhere in the folds of the mattress, on the bed frame. On the other hand, you can lure bedbugs into a trap, going for a time to spend the night in another place.. Hungry, the parasites will begin to descend from the bed to search for food, and will fall into a sticky composition.

Carbon dioxide traps are built on the proven fact that bedbugs take carbon dioxide exhaled by man as a guide..

For example, a device Nuvenco Bed Bug Beacon consists of a plastic umbrella and a tank with carbon dioxide. Getting into the umbrella, it evaporates and attracts pests there.

They can no longer get out of the trap by themselves. As a result, in the morning it will be necessary to clean the container with bedbugs, by lowering them, for example, into the toilet.

This type of bait is very effective, but the cost on them starts from 3,500 rubles..

DIY bug traps

It is very easy to use the means at hand in order to create the simplest traps yourself.

The adhesive tape is successfully replaced by double-sided tape.

They can paste over the internal surfaces of furniture:

  • cabinets,
  • nightstands,
  • beds,
  • even on legs.

Simplest replacement sticky sheets under the legs - water plates.

  1. You need to take deep dishes.
  2. Fill it in half with water.
  3. And in the center to put the leg of the bed or sofa.

Another trap under the support is made of two cups, differing in size.

  1. In a large glass a little icing sugar is poured, vegetable oil is poured.
  2. There in the center is placed a small glass, in which the foot of the bed is already placed.

Bed bug traps are not very effective, because these parasites do not react to sweet bait, like cockroaches and ants. With such tools you can check whether there are parasites in the room, or use them as secondary. Among the traditional traps can be noted sticky tape and carbonic traps. You can also make them yourself, using double-sided tape or glasses of different sizes.

Useful materials

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The following is a list of well-proven drugs (can be used independently):

Advantages of scarers

Devices that repel bedbugs are easy to use. No need to carry out complex manipulationswhich is associated with the use of pesticides. Repellers are completely harmless to humans., which means that the possibility of poisoning or an allergic reaction while working with insecticides is excluded.

The device allows you to easily reach hard-to-reach places.which often remain intact when processed by various poisons. He will get pests in every nook in which annoying insects have climbed. Its action extends to the entire area of ​​the room, and insects do not have a chance to hide from exposure anywhere.

In addition, bugs gradually adapt to any chemicals, which cannot be said about a scarer. Insects cannot get used to its effectstherefore, the effect of the application will continue for as long as necessary to completely clean the apartment from uninvited guests.


The basis of the action of the ultrasonic bug repeller is the use of inaudible to humans, but disastrous for bugs ultrasound. They fall into a kind of atmospheric chaos, which they cannot endure. The sound of a special frequency spreads around the apartment and makes the bloodsuckers leave the room..

A person does not hear such a frequency of soundtherefore, he does not feel any discomfort when using the device. Depending on the modification of the device frequencies of reproduced sounds are switched manually or automatically.

Such an ultrasonic attack creates maximum discomfort for bedbugs, and they cannot exist in the room where the device works.

Effect from the use of ultrasonic scarers comes after 1-2 weeks, but sometimes the number of bites decreases almost immediately after the device is used.

To achieve the desired effect, experts advise using several instruments of rather high power at the same time in one room.


They work on the basis of radiation of electromagnetic waves. When you turn on the electromagnetic bug repeater in the network begins the action of all electrical wiring in the house. It becomes a high-frequency antenna and creates radiation that negatively affects bugs..

Insects seem to fall into the microwave and begin to roast from the inside.. Such an action cannot kill bedbugs, but insects can no longer exist and exist in such an atmosphere. As a result, the bugs are forced to leave their homes and move away from the electromagnetic rays.

Magnetic resonance effect applies to all inaccessible places in the room: slots, baseboards, door jambs. Bedbugs crawl out of all secluded places, not one corner in the apartment can serve them as a refuge. This effect can make you mistakenly believe that after the start of the work of the devices, the bugs have become more. But this is not so, just insects began to crawl out of their nests, and soon they will not remain in your house.

Currently, the trade offers several types of electromagnetic repellents: "EMR-21", "RIDDEXPESTREPELLER 1468", "Ultimate 5 in 1".


Equipped with two devices at once, emitting both ultrasound and magnetic waves.

Bilateral effect enhances the action of the device, does not allow bedbugs to get used to its effects.

Scarer "Ultimate 5 in 1" - one of the most effective devices, combining electromagnetic waves acting on the nervous system of insects, ultrasonic waves with a floating frequency and a negative ion generator, neutralizing odors that attract bugs.

Bug Scarers: Pros and Cons

The undoubted advantages of all these devices is ease of use. The use of various chemicals in the fight against insects is associated with a number of disadvantages:

  • to use them, you need to leave the apartment for at least a day,
  • the smell of all poisons is quite persistent, so it is rather unpleasant to be in the treated room even after a long airing,
  • strict precautions must be taken to avoid poisoning.

By using different types of scarers, you will free yourself from all these inconveniences. Application of them perfectly safe for people. In order for the device to start driving bugs out of the apartment, you just need to plug it in. However, they have a small size, and you can have them anywhere in the apartment.

However, some experts believe that any kinds of repellents have a rather weak effect on bedbugs, which do not disappear, but only for a while reduce the activity. In this regard, they advise using scarers as an auxiliary funds for the destruction of bedbugs by disinsection method or as prevention from contamination of the living space with bloodsuckers.

The disadvantage of the devices is that they are not able to act on insect eggs. With a strong infection of the room with bugs, they are practically powerless. The bugs flee the room, but guarantee that they will not return to it, no. Therefore, experts believe that if everyone starts using the repellers, the bugs will simply move from one apartment to another.

Devices of the future

Modern science does not stand still, and now scientists are developing a fundamentally new device for the destruction of bedbugs. The RF device being worked on acts as a cockroach trap. It attracts bugs, which fall into the deadly zone of ultrasonic waves. The body of the dead insect begins to emit a smell that attracts other individuals.

So far, such a device has not appeared on the market, and its cost, most likely, will still be incredibly high. But according to scientists, Soon such a gadget will force out all insecticides and other means of fighting bedbugs from the market..

Thus, modern devices for the control of bedbugs will help get rid of annoying insects. Which one to choose is up to you.

Principle of operation of the device

An ultrasonic device from bedbugs produces sound in the inaudible range for humans. Modern industry puts on the market a mass of ultrasonic devices with different characteristics. Ultrasound has a low frequency wave, compared with sounds in the audible range. It obeys the same physical laws, but audible and ultrasound have different effects on the environment. Ultrasound has long been successfully used in biology, medicine, physics, chemistry.

Ultrasound is reproduced using a piezo emitter. Repellers can work from different power sources - batteries or sockets. The higher the voltage applied to the generator, the more effective the operation of the device. Through the speaker, the sound acts on the air, creating elastic vibrations. They are distributed in the air and can not overcome the dense environment - walls, furniture.

Ultrasonic Repeller

Devices have a device that changes the wavelength. Electronic bug repeller can change the ultrasound frequency in automatic mode or manual tuning.

The bugs ultrasound device does not destroy insects, but creates an irritant effect, which, according to manufacturers, scares them away. The effectiveness of the effect of the repeller is not proven by scientific studies. In publications there are single mentions of private research on small samples that have no scientific value.

In 2002, Kansas State University conducted research on the effectiveness of an ultrasonic repeller for dogs, rats, mice, flying and crawling insects. It was found that dogs and rodents respond to ultrasound. He worries them, causes panic and leads to flight. In relation to insects, the effect was not unambiguous. The apparatus had the most pronounced effect on crickets, mosquitoes, and flies. Controversial results were obtained for bedbugs and cockroaches.

Therefore, reviews of ultrasonic repellers bugs are different. To understand why this is possible, if we consider the physiology of the bug.

The impact of ultrasound on bedbugs

The main argument, according to which the ultrasound from the bugs is not effective, is that this type of insect has no organs that emit sound, and therefore they have no organs of hearing. But scientists still do not come to a common opinion - whether bugs make sounds. After all, not only the fluttering of wings or the friction of a leg on a leg can be a source of sound in insects.

Bed bugs

Bedbugs on the legs and abdomen are sensitive hairs associated with nerve endings. With the help of sensible insects feel the heat radiation, vibrations of the air. The organs of hearing in bedbugs are not found, but high sensitivity to odors and temperature makes it possible to find food and sexual partner.

Bacteria and viruses also have no organs of hearing, but ultrasound, thanks to the effect of cavitation, successfully fights them. It is used to sterilize products, medical instruments, drinking water. Under the action of ultrasound, bubbles appear in biological fluids, which increase in size with prolonged acoustic exposure. Bursting bubbles create shock and thermal effects, destroying the tissues of living organisms. The parasite does not need to listen to the ultrasound in order to feel the discomfort from scaring with the help of ultrasonic waves.

The lower the frequency of ultrasound, the easier it is to get cavitation and the more aggressive its effect on living organisms. Therefore, many devices use a frequency of 20-22kHz. Whether ultrasound helps from bedbugs, it is impossible to say for sure, since studies have not confirmed the effectiveness of the repellers. But the synergistic effects of ultrasound and insecticides have been studied.

An ultrasonic agent creates cavitation in the parasite's body, which increases its sensitivity to insecticides. Bed bugs ultrasound together with insecticides are effective even against resistant insects. The combined effect, which has synergistic properties, is also manifested when an electromagnetic bug bug is used.In it, the action of ultrasound is combined with magnetic radiation, enhancing the effectiveness of each other.

Overview of popular scarers

Ultrasonic Repeller

On the market now there are many ultrasonic repellents, both professional and semi-professional. To choose the most effective device, you need to study its characteristics. The most popular and advertised are:

  • The EMR-21 is an ultrasonic bug bug, manufactured in Bulgaria. The device operates on the network. The manufacturer guarantees that when using it after 4 weeks the parasites will disappear from the house. With a strong infection, you need to extend the effect of the ultrasonic repeller for another 4 weeks. The device generates ultrasound and the bugs disappear from the house. Price device - 1100 p.
  • Typhoon LS-500 is a domestic product based on the effects of ultrasound on insects. The advantage of the ultrasonic repeller is the presence of an automatic frequency switch that prevents insects from getting used to waves of a certain frequency. Price - 1100 p.
  • Ekosniper ls 919 - has a high degree of coverage. One device can act on an area of ​​180-200 m2. Also has a frequency switch. The manufacturer (Taiwan) claims that within 2-6 weeks the bugs leave the apartment. The price of the device - 660 p.
  • Tornado Beat FP-003 - a new development in the market of ultrasonic repellers. In addition to the ultrasonic device generates electromagnetic waves that penetrate into the thickness of the walls, spreading through the wiring, expelling bugs from sockets, electrical panels, household electrical appliances. It can be used both on an industrial scale and in apartments. The manufacturer claims that the device does not affect the operation of electrical appliances, mobile phones, the human body.
  • The bug repeller Pest Redjekt combines ultrasonic and electromagnetic effects, so manufacturers have high hopes for the device. The coverage area is 200 m2, which makes it possible to confine one device for treating a room from bugs. The price of the device is 2000 p. You can order the device through the online store.

Pest reject

Electronic tools have different efficiencies, which depend not only on the characteristics of the device, but also on the manufacturer.

Like many advertised insect repellents, the cost of which is quite high, ultrasonic repellers have many fakes. Counterfeit is somewhat cheaper than the original and is not able to destroy insects, as it generates waves of insufficient power. When buying a scarer, you must make sure that the purchased device is not a fake.

Many devices are similar in appearance to the adapter, which is enough to insert into the outlet to get started. The loudness of the sound during operation is minimal, but some reviews contain complaints that the device beeps. In order for the protection of the house to be complete, you need to choose the right place to install the device, set the volume in order to ensure complete destruction of insects and to withstand the time specified in the instructions for which the ultrasound will be issued.

You can buy the device in stores of large cities such as Moscow or order it online. Delivery is made in the most remote settlements of the country. The ultrasonic defender has different reviews that can be found on the forums.

Technology features

The use of cold and hot fog is considered one of the most effective technologies in the fight against bedbugs. Despite the ability of insects to carry many chemicals, they are powerless against sudden changes in temperature. Bed bugs do not tolerate cold and heat, and too low or high temperatures kill them.

You can use this feature in the fight against parasites by opening windows and doors wide in the winter and waiting for the bugs to become extinct. But it is not known how many days it will take. And bedbugs can only hibernate, and as soon as the owners return, they can start biting again and increase the number of colonies.

It is better to entrust the fight against bedbugs to professionals. Hot and cold mist used by many pest control services.

Perform the procedure using a special device - fog generator. It allows you to spray a cloud of insecticide, pre-cooling or heating it. This gives an additional effect. Heated chemicals are much more powerful.

It is worth noting that among the generators of cold mist there are models for home use. Only professional disinsectors work with hot fog. There are no obvious differences between the treatment of the room with cold or hot mist.

The effect of their use will be the same, despite the fact that when the bugs are destroyed by the hot mist, the chemical particles hang in the air a little longer, which means that they are in longer contact with different surfaces.

Advantages and disadvantages

An effective insect control method has its drawbacks:

  • The procedure is worth much more expensive than manyknown means. The price for the destruction of bedbugs with cold mist on average varies within 3 thousand rubles.
  • At the time have leave roomtake out pets.
  • Treatment requires preliminary preparation of the premises.
  • Non-compliance with safety regulations can lead to disinsector poisoning.

The advantages of spraying a solution that contains an insecticide include:

  • Prolonged action. The aerosol cloud is held in the air for up to three hours. During this time, particles dangerous for parasites are in contact with all surfaces where bugs' nests or single individuals can be located.
  • Chemical Ability penetrate the most inaccessible places. To lure the parasites from all sorts of cracks is impossible. Processing with hot and cold mist allows you to destroy bedbugs and their offspring in a few hours.
  • Efficacy even with high contamination room bedbugs. Compared with numerous means, hot and cold air treatment is most effective.
  • When self-using generators to control bedbugs, it is important to remember about personal protective equipment. The toxicity of insecticides is many times stronger than if they were sprayed from a conventional sprayer. Therefore, carry out processing in a respirator, gloves and protective clothing.

Technology application

Before the treatment of the premises, an insecticidal preparation is chosen, diluted with it and poured into the tank of the fog generator. The device itself is powered from the network. Turn on the generator in the outlet and carefully process the surface. Particular attention should be paid to the nooks in the house..

Then the mist is sprayed all over the room. An important role in achieving the desired result is the preparation of the premises in the processing of hot or cold mist.

  • Furniture is removed from the walls. Take off carpets, paintings.
  • The mattresses are removed from the beds. Sofas and chairs laid out or dismantled.
  • The dishes, toys, clothes are sealed, making sure that they do not have bedbugs.
  • Hiding food.

When the fight against parasites is over, they carry out wet cleaning. Hard to reach places or rear walls of furniture can be left without attention for prevention.

Practice shows that self-control of insects often exacerbates the situation. Not all insecticides act on bedbugs.

In the meantime, there are only more. With the use of new technology to completely get rid of bugs in one procedure. It is not cheap, but the result justifies the money spent.

Watch a video on how the procedure is carried out:

Features of ultrasonic devices

To scare away the blood-sucking parasites, various methods are used: electronic devices, folk remedies, chemical compounds (insecticides). Electronic bug repeller (based on the action of ultrasound) does not affect some other insects. Among them are bedbugs and cockroaches. To understand this issue, you need to understand how the ultrasound of the bugs.

Basis of operation

The device propagates sound waves, which are characterized by high frequency. For the human auditory organs, this remedy is not dangerous, and its effect remains unnoticed. But some small rodents (rats), birds and mosquitoes do not tolerate ultrasound. As a result, it is for this reason that they leave the house.

Bed bug ultrasound does not work, and buying an ultrasonic bug bug is throwing money away.

The bug repeller must exude a peculiar strong odor so that the parasites disappear. Insects of this species do not generate sound waves, since they lack the corresponding organs through which signal transmission is ensured.

It is possible to scare away such parasites, if you use a means that emits an intense smell (wormwood grass, chemical compounds, for example, Clean House means). To destroy bedbugs use strong drugs of direct action.

View species

If we consider the device against insects, we can distinguish a number of performance: ultrasound, magnetic resonance device, fumigator. The last option smells. This makes it more efficient than its counterparts. Another option that is used against bedbugs, but gives questionable results, is an electromagnetic device.

Devices for the destruction of bedbugs are found in two forms:

  1. Network powered
  2. Battery-powered - standalone.

The first option is used locally - for the destruction of bugs in a certain area, but not farther than the length of the wire. The range is greater and covers the entire room. A stand-alone device can be transported and operated in different areas where it is required.

Model overview

To save the house from bedbugs, many users buy ultrasonic devices. Even if they do not act against blood-sucking parasites, they are able to scare away mosquitoes, rats, which also often annoy their owners, during the night. If the odor-emitting agent did not help for various reasons (violation of the rules of use, inconsistency of the drug dose with the degree of infection, etc.), one can experiment and purchase one of the models of ultrasonic devices.

Power supply - power supply. The manufacturer claims that this device kills mosquitoes, also acts against rats, cockroaches, fleas, ants. Its radius of action - up to 230 square meters. m. The body is made of plastic. During operation, the display is activated. The device is able to clean the house from pests for 4 weeks. The proposed insect repellent at a price of 1250-1350 rubles.

EMR-21 - electromagnetic bug repeller produced in Bulgaria

The device operates on the network. He is able to clean the house from insects for 4 weeks. The manufacturer positions this tool as effective against bugs, cockroaches. Its price is 1100 rubles. Working area - up to 80 square meters. m

Video: Features and advantages of the model Typhoon LS-500

Eco Sniper 9V LS898
This device repels ants, spiders, rats, bedbugs. Its price is 1420 rubles. The supply voltage is 9V, the range is quite large, as it covers up to 230 square meters. The manufacturer claims that the parasites will leave the house within a few weeks. This is an autonomous means of scaring insects and small rodents. Mobile power supply can last up to 6 months without recharging. Sound pressure level - up to 128 dB.

Eco-Sniper Russian development, judging by the reviews - absolutely ineffective

This is one of the most expensive devices - the price is 1,800 rubles. He can clean the house from insects and rodents. The area covered by the device is up to 300 square meters. m. In addition, the design provides a night light function, as well as air ionization. This greatly improves the quality of life. To improve the efficiency of the device, the device is based on two technologies: electromagnetic and ultrasonic.

In addition to ultrasonic scaring, magnetic resonance effects are realized

The device repels insects, rodents. Power supply - power supply. The duration of exposure to obtain results - up to 6 weeks. Covered area - up to 100 square meters. m. The price of such a device is quite low - 1000-1200 rubles.

AR-130 Smart-Sensor, Chinese Ultrasonic Insect Repellent

The principle of operation of the ultrasonic repeller

Initially, ultrasonic repellers were actively and very successfully used in the fight against mosquitoes. The idea of ​​developing such repellents was based on the scientific evidence that mosquitoes actively use hearing to communicate and find a partner to reproduce, and to recognize the threat and ensure security. Such a signal system in the animal world is a common thing.

Thus, a mosquito, pursued by a predator, produces a squeak during flight, more subtle than, for example, when caring for a female or feeding. Accordingly, other mosquitoes, hearing such an alarming squeak, rapidly fly away from a dangerous place.

Some of the sounds made by insects are within the ultrasound spectrum and are not audible to humans. For mosquitoes, they are a normal communication tool.

This is interesting: in the same way, mosquitoes react to ultrasound, with which a hunting bat “probes” the space. Since mice feed on mosquitoes as well, its ultrasound screams are also an alarming signal for these insects.

Accordingly, creating an effective ultrasonic repeller was a matter of time for engineers. The frequency of the alarming squeak of mosquitoes was measured, after which the device saw the light, capable of generating sound of the desired height.

And this device really turned out to be effective. But only against mosquitoes. With other unpleasant human neighbors, the situation is quite different.

Why bugs are not afraid of ultrasound?

Bedbugs do not communicate with ultrasonic signals. Bed bugs do not have wings with which to buzz, like mosquitoes, and they don’t have other sound generation tools.

For bed bugs in communication, searching for food and avoiding hazards, smell is more important. It smells they cause clear and unambiguous reactions. To the sounds they are quite indifferent. And to ultrasound - including. Science has not yet been verified, but it is possible that bugs do not hear it at all. As, for example, a person does not hear a squeak of a bat.

Therefore, anti-bed bug ultrasound does not work, and buying an ultrasonic bug bug is the same as simply throwing money away.

To the note: some theorists tried to explain the indifferent attitude of bedbugs to ultrasound by the fact that these insects settle mainly in sofa mattresses and under beds. Say, the ultrasound is absorbed and suppressed by the mattress, and therefore does not reach the bugs.

But recent experiments by American scientists in which bugs were directly affected by ultrasound showed that the presence or absence of ultrasound does not affect the behavior of the parasites. Ultrasound bugs are simply ignored.

Moreover, ultrasound has virtually no effect on the activity of cockroaches and ants. And all for the same reason - for these human cohabitants, high-frequency sounds are not alarms.

But rats and mice are sensitive to powerful ultrasound, but there are only a few devices that really help to get rid of them.

Feedback: “In our laboratory, a serious company (I will not call it in order not to advertise) ordered tests of the maximum number of ultrasonic pest control products.

Money allocated more than the state allocates for the maintenance of the laboratory within six months.We bought rats, bought all the devices we could find, conducted tests at a special test site.

According to the results, it turned out that out of more than 30 repellents of different brands and manufacturers only 3 turned out to be really effective against rats. They do not work against bedbugs. The main part of the devices is frank trash, whose sellers use the fact that the public cannot verify its effectiveness before buying ... ”

Nevertheless, the bugs ultrasound continues to be actively advertised and used by unenlightened citizens until the parasites begin to really bother them. And manufacturers of numerous devices use it, actively promoting them, for example, in online stores.

Types of devices

Among the wide variety of ultrasonic repellents, there are three types:

  • expensive professional devices equipped with broadband emitters capable of transmitting 360 ° ultrasound around at different frequencies,
  • more affordable semi-professional devices with narrow-band emitters, resulting in less effective impact on bed bugs,
  • cheap handicraft devices, inside which are installed sensors that have no effect on the state of health of the parasites.


Professional ultrasonic device from bedbugs

Professional ultrasonic device for bedbugs and other pests produced in Belgium. In its arsenal, it has a multi-frequency range of wave radiations that can have a negative impact on bugs. Powerful broadband emitters allow you to use the device in large rooms for any purpose.

Works from a socket with alternating current and voltage of 220 V. Energy consumption is insignificant. To achieve the best result, the ultrasound should operate continuously for at least 3 days. It is recommended to include WK-0600 in order to prevent once a month for 3-4 days. You can order the device on the Internet and arrange delivery to the house itself.

  • radiation area - up to 320 square meters. meters
  • overall dimensions: 156х89х83 mm,
  • weight: 750 grams
  • power supply: 220 V,
  • The average price of 5500 - 6500 rubles.

I worked last summer as a tutor in a children's camp. And we got bugs. To poison them with insecticides could not, would have to break the season. Acquired ultrasonic tool WK-0600 on reviews on the Internet. According to the instructions, we chose the ultrasound mode and turned it on for 4 days. The bugs disappeared somewhere. Nobody bites more kids.

Universal bug repeller UP-116T

A universal repeller for bedbugs and other parasites that emits electromagnetic waves at a low frequency that negatively affect insects. The device during operation changes the frequency of the waves, which prevents the pests from getting used to and their adaptation to the action of the product.

The device operates on AC power. In addition to the radiator, an air ionizer is built into the device that can clean and disinfect the room from bacteria. The device is often used in hotels, baths, cottages.

  • The coverage area of ​​the signal is 300 square meters. meters
  • number of speakers: 2,
  • power supply: 220 V,
  • presence of air ionizer,
  • the price is about 2000 rubles.

We were looking for an ultrasound from bedbugs. On the advice of the Internet, they chose the UP-116T device. They hoped that a fake would not be so expensive. Turned on the network, worked without a break for 2 weeks. No changes. As biting bugs at night, and bite. Nobody can listen and trust the reviews! Threw money down the drain! Such a means to get rid of bedbugs will not succeed.

Eco Sniper LS 919

Electronic bug repeller at an affordable price. It is a small product with an ultrasound emitter installed at a certain frequency. The impact on bedbugs is for several days, after which the insects leave the apartment.

Repeller has a small size and can be used in any room. It has no effect on humans and pets. It has a frequency range from 21 to 25 kHz.

  • overall dimensions: 12x9x6 cm,
  • impact area: 200 square meters. meters
  • weight: 80 grams
  • food: from a network of 220 V,
  • price: 1000 rubles.

I do not know where, but bugs appeared in the apartment. Began to read reviews about ultrasonic repellers bedbugs. They stopped their choice on Ekosniper 919. They plugged in, worked for 2 weeks - no results, the body was still covered with bites. As a result, they summoned specialists from the sanitary service and carried out sanitation from bedbugs.

Typhoon LS-500

Scarers Typhoon LS-500 and Tornado Beat FP-003

Ultrasonic repeller bugs domestic production. Bed bug ultrasound acts on their nervous system and is able to drive insects out of the apartment forever. The frequency of the waves of the product can vary in different ranges.

The repeller does not interfere with the operation of other household appliances in the house. Appearance and small dimensions allow you to install the product anywhere. A prerequisite for the effective operation of the apparatus is the free access of waves to all parts of the room. Oversized furniture should not interfere with the ultrasound signal.

  • weight: 200 grams
  • impact area: 200 square meters,
  • price: 900 rubles.

Last summer I discovered bedbugs in the country. Money for sanitization was a pity to spend, but I don’t trust folk remedies. I decided to do a little blood - I bought an inexpensive ultrasound device from Typhoon bugs. Followed according to the instructions to the device. A week later, the signal affected the bugs, and they disappeared. Very pleased with the device. I recommend to everyone.

Tornado Beat FP-003

Universal device from bedbugs, the principle of operation is based on two types of effects: ultrasonic and electromagnetic. The device emits ultrasound, negatively affecting the health of insects, and electromagnetic radiation, which by wiring disperses throughout the apartment and creates vibration unpleasant for bugs. Such complex repelling of pests in a short time forces them to leave the premises.

The work of the repeller does not affect the functioning of other electrical devices operating on the same network. The energy consumption of the device is insignificant, which does not affect the monthly expenses for utilities. Ultrasound has no effect on apartment residents.

  • overall dimensions: 155х90х65 mm,
  • instrument weight: 170 grams,
  • supply voltage: 220V,
  • Signal coverage area: 650 square meters. m,
  • price: 1000 rubles.

My grandfather in the village house got bugs. He is an elderly man, there will be no insecticides to poison the parasites. We decided to buy him a tornado repeller. According to reviews on the Internet about him came to the conclusion that it is worth taking. It can work in different modes. They installed a repeller, turned on the ultrasound, and the bugs disappeared somewhere after two weeks. I recommend Tornado to anyone who is looking for a reliable protector of the house from pests.

The action of ultrasound on insects

It is believed that sound waves of a certain range are poorly tolerated by insects, and they leave the discomfort zone. Indeed, it is scientifically proven that certain soil vibrations cause insects, including bedbugs, to leave a certain place. This is due to the adaptation of the population and the ability to anticipate natural disasters.

Everyone knows the facts that cats and dogs behave restlessly before an earthquake or a strong storm, and rats leave the ship, which is to sink. The fact is that animals and insects also feel the vibrations of the soil that people do not feel and leave the dangerous place.

But let's think about what frequency and length of the sound wave should be created so that the bugs quickly disappear? What sound bands do these parasites respond to?

In the promotional materials for this device it is indicated that the ultrasound from the bugs effectively expels them from the house. But, bugs do not have a hearing aid and cannot perceive any sounds in any range. Insects react to fluctuations in air and surfaces.

Bedbugs react to the smell of blood and body heat of the victim, the presence of hearing organs in these parasites has not been scientifically proven. Therefore, the negative effect of ultrasound on the nervous system of insects is a big question.

Can a low-power device create the necessary vibrations in hard-to-reach places of a large room in order to effectively scare away bugs? Hardly.

Bedbugs feel great when the ultrasonic repeller is on

It is indisputable that expensive vehicles can generate waves that cause disorientation in space in insects, as a result of which they cannot find access to food. But such devices are very expensive and are used only in scientific laboratories.

On sale you can find only an electronic repeller in the budget version, the price ranges from 1,100 to 1,500 rubles, which is also not cheap. Whether it is effective is a question.

In advertising it is positioned that a sound wave with a frequency of more than 20 kHz, which is not perceived by man, negatively affects parasites. Different frequencies of low sound vibrations cause the bugs to leave the apartment, as they experience discomfort.

But, the power of the sound wave must be large enough so that it can penetrate through the walls of the furniture, the floor covering, the thickness of the carpet and furniture upholstery. And this is almost impossible with 220 volt mains supply.

Ultrasound Device Overview

We note immediately that these devices do not kill insects and their larvae, they only force the insect to leave the habitat zone. Such a device for the destruction of bedbugs is represented by different models, but the principle of action for all repellers is the same - the action of ultrasound or electromagnetic waves.

By class, these devices can be divided into three groups:

  • Inexpensive economy class is the easiest option, equipped with special sound sensors, which are used in modern low-cost alarms. With the same success as this device, you can frighten bedbugs by dressing up with Santa Claus or talking to them and persuading them to leave. You can buy such a device only for complacency.

  • Repellers at a medium cost act directionally, but these devices have low power and the sound wave emitted by the sensor does not penetrate objects that are more than five centimeters thick. To effectively scare away bedbugs, it will be necessary to install five to six scarers around the apartment, which will be expensive.

For ultrasonic repellers to be effective in the fight against bedbugs, they need to be installed immediately more than five pieces in one room

  • Professional powerful device for the destruction of bedbugs is not easy to get, unless you have friends in scientific laboratories or ingenious masters of all trades who can make such a design on their own. It is very important to correctly calculate the required range of sound and generate the power of a wave that can penetrate into hard-to-reach places and affect the parasites.

For the house, budget options are offered for the devices - “Tornado”, “Typhoon” and “Banzai”, as well as the more expensive foreign equivalent of “EcoSniper LS-919”. These "magic boxes" work from the outlet, but the effectiveness of its action is not confirmed by customer reviews.

Biologists are also skeptical of this know-how in the field of sanitary treatment of premises, especially when dealing with bedbugs. After all, it is not yet proven that these insects hear, they are guided solely by smell.

The bedbug feeds on blood, therefore it searches for food by smell and the heat that radiates from the human body. That is why these bloodsuckers often nest in warm places near the bed, where access to food is always provided.

Another question - how many need such devices for a room of twenty squares? At least five, and the result of the effectiveness still needs to be checked.

Important. Scientists entomologists believe that such a device from bedbugs is not effective. Insects can be destroyed only with the help of insecticides of contact action, which penetrate into the body of the bug through external integuments.

Perhaps, over time, when science becomes aware of methods of influencing these parasites, which have been living nearby human habits for centuries, effective and reliable methods of combating these parasites will be invented.

Today, anti-bed bug ultrasound is not confirmed by patent developments at the proper scientific level, so it’s too early to talk about the effectiveness of these widely advertised devices.

Scientists are now working on another development that will act on the organs of smell of the bug and work on the principle of a cockroach trap when an insect goes on an attractive smell and dies when it comes into contact with a poisonous substance. But, such developments so far only at the stage of laboratory testing and they are not on sale.

It can be concluded that the acquisition of such repellents is completely useless. It is better to give preference to proven and reliable contact exposure insecticides. This statement is confirmed by numerous negative customer reviews:

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