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Tomatoes - F1 La-la-fa

Tomato "la la fa" refers to new hybrids of medium early ripening. So, from sowing seeds into the soil before the start of fruiting takes about 100 days. This high-yielding hybrid is intended for intensive cultivation in greenhouse conditions. The fruits of this variety have a flat, dense surface and a flat-circular shape. Their mass is at least 130 g and can reach 160 g. In the fruits of this variety of tomatoes there are absolutely no voids, which are often formed in other greenhouse varieties of tomatoes. Up to 6 chambers can be inside the fruit. This variety has an increased resistance to cracking. Collected mature fruits can be stored for quite a long time, without any loss in quality. So, intact tomatoes retain their consumer qualities for up to two months. These tomatoes have a wonderful taste and a pronounced aroma. They are suitable for use in raw form, but they are no less good in recycled. These tomatoes are very tasty in canned form. Even with prolonged heat treatment, dense fruits practically do not lose their shape.

Tomato "la la fa" is sown in well-moistened, warm soil in March. Sowing is carried out with dry seeds. The most suitable temperature for the rapid germination of seeds is considered to be the temperature of 27-29 ° С. About a week later, the seeds give uniform shoots. Like other varieties of tomatoes, shoots of this hybrid swoop in the phase of the appearance of the first true leaves. At the age of 50 days, seedlings can be planted in greenhouses covered with plastic wrap.

Planting seedlings produced after the termination of frosts. Hardening of the seedlings can and not be carried out, since it is still planted under the film shelters, but for security, you can hold the seedlings on the balcony during the week. Usually planted plants in May and June. The density of planting is 3-4 pieces per square meter. The distance between tomatoes should not be less than 50 cm. Row spacing is not less than 70 cm. This is due to the fact that the tomato "La la la fa" has powerful, tall bushes. The height of each can reach 1.5 m. These plants must be tied to the supports. Most often use the tapestry method of growing tomatoes. Usually, 1-2 stems are left in the process of bush formation. This procedure increases the yield and fruiting period.

Tomatoes "la la fa" are distinguished by high and stable yield. So, from one bush you can get more than 4 kg of fruit. With each square meter, with proper care, you can collect about 20 kg of fruit. Plants begin to bear fruit in July, and the fruiting period of these tomatoes continues until autumn. This hybrid belongs to the determinant varieties. The first inflorescence is located between 8-9 leaf. The inflorescences are simple, short, with a very strong axis. Even under the large weight of the fruits they do not break. Plants have short internodes. Tomato la la fa is quite suitable for cultivation in low-volume agricultural techniques. Even small greenhouses can be used for its cultivation.

This variety is resistant to many dangerous diseases. Along with increased resistance to late blight, it is practically not susceptible to viral diseases, such as tobacco mosaic. In agricultural technology, this variety is unpretentious, although regular fertilizing with complex fertilizers, regular watering and soil loosening will not prevent it.

"La la fa" - tomatoes, reviews of which in various forums, are mostly positive. They are recommended for greenhouse cultivation in almost all regions of the country. In more northern areas it is possible to grow this variety in heated glassy greenhouses. Under such conditions, this tomato will have the same yield as in more southern latitudes.

Growing tomato La la fa

In early March, we sow seeds for seedlings. Soak the seeds in advance is not necessary, instead we moisten the soil itself, in which we will sow. For the best germination, experts recommend maintaining a temperature of about 28 degrees. Already a week later, the first shoots should appear, and when several leaves are fastened on the plant, then the seedlings need to dive. At the age of 50 days, it should be planted in greenhouses. Planting scheme should be such that no more than 4 plants per each square meter. It is recommended to plant tomatoes in rows leaving 50 cm between each bush and 70 cm between the rows.

In many forums there are positive reviews about tomato la la fa from the user in all regions of the CIS countries, which once again confirms that the variety is suitable for any climate, and even in more northern regions when grown in glazed greenhouses with additional heating, you can achieve same yield indicators as in southern latitudes.

The variety la la fa is well resistant to late blight and judging by the numerous reviews of gardeners, it is practically not susceptible to the tobacco mosaic virus.

Characteristics of a variety

Tomato "la-la-fa" has most of the characteristics of this crop, which are valued by gardeners. So, the bushes of this plant are quite large, which provides them with a high intensity of fruiting. Plant height can reach 1.5 meters, which, coupled with the weight of the fruit makes it quite difficult for him to maintain balance on his own. Therefore, experts recommend creating additional support for them.

As a result of ripening, this variety brings dense, void-free fruits that are not too significantly different in size: the average weight of each tomato usually ranges from 130 to 160 g. The yield of a variety can be up to 4 kg or more from one bush. At the same time, they are sufficiently resistant to long-term storage: in the absence of visible damage, a healthy tomato can lie in a cool place for up to two months without losing its taste.

Such properties of this tomato make it suitable not only for direct consumption, but also for use in the preparation of pickles and other types of preparations. Fruits of the "La-la-fa" variety belong to the category of flat-circular, therefore, it is quite convenient to put them in banks. In addition, they practically do not crack even when poured with hot water and retain their taste properties during the heat treatment process.

Growing Tomatoes "La-la-fa"

This variety of tomato is well suited for growing in the difficult climatic conditions of Russia and gives an excellent harvest. However, the number of warm and sunny days in the Russian climate is usually not enough to sow them directly into the ground, so these tomatoes, like others, should start to grow as seedlings, approximately in March.

After the soil is warm enough, which usually occurs as early as May, seedlings can be sown in a greenhouse covered with film. This is usually done when the seedlings are at least 50 days old. It is sufficiently resistant to the effects of the environment, so you can do without prior hardening.

In the process of development, the plant may try to form several stems, however, in order to ensure its most effective fruiting, it is recommended to leave 1-2 stems, which will then need to be tied up.

Description and characteristics of the variety La-la-fa

Tomato "la-la-fa" - a hybrid, specially eaten away for cultivation in greenhouses. The variety is suitable for cultivation in harsh climatic conditions, to achieve high yields heating of greenhouses is allowed. Unpretentiousness and excellent presentation of the tomato, the possibility of industrial cultivation, made him a favorite of Siberian gardeners.

Shrubs deterministic type, reach 1.5 meters in height, therefore, need a garter to the supports or trellis. The best yields can be achieved when forming a plant in 2 trunks, side shoots require staking. Barrel with shortened internodes. Brushes with ovaries are formed after 8-9 leaves, then with an interval of 2 leaves, the number of ovaries is 4-6 pieces.

Fruits are rather large, roundish, slightly flattened, bright red in color, without green spots around the stem. The weight of one fruit - from 140 to 160g. Almost all tomatoes of the same size and shape, have an excellent presentation, they are well transported and stored - if the appropriate conditions are met, the crop can be stored up to 2 months, while the taste and appearance are fully preserved.

By the way, the taste and aroma of these tomatoes is pronounced tomato, natural, which distinguishes them from other greenhouse varieties. The flesh is fleshy and moderately juicy, the voids are completely absent, which is also characteristic only for this tomato. Fruits can be used for any purpose - fresh, for salads, canning, making pastes, ketchups, tomato juice.

Productivity will also please and pleasantly surprise the gardeners - 3-4 kg from each bush, which is about 20 kg from 1 square meter. m per season (of course, subject to all the requirements of agricultural engineering).

Fruits of tomato la-la-fa

Soil preparation

The soil must be prepared in advance. Suitable purchased fertilizer mixture, or cooked with your own hands. At a ratio of 1: 1, soil and humus are taken, 1-2 cups of sand are added, a little ash and well mixed. Then this composition is filled with plastic containers or wooden boxes with drainage holes. At the time of sowing the soil should be heated to a temperature of 18-20 degrees.

Sowing seeds

Seeds of this variety do not require soaking or other preparation. Dry grains are buried in moist soil to a depth of 1.5-2cm, covered with a transparent film and put in a warm place. The optimum temperature for the germination of tomato seeds "Lyalafa" (according to experts) - 28-29 degrees.

The first shoots appear on day 7-8. Sprouts need to provide heat and light, daylight should be about 14 hours. If natural lighting is not enough, you need to use artificial. When the first 2-3 true leaves appear, the seedlings swoop into separate cups or another container.

Landing in the ground

Tomato seedlings are planted in greenhouses in the ground at the age of 50 days. Previously, you can not temper, as well tolerates the impact of the external environment. Shrubs grow quite large, so there are no more than 4 pieces per 1 square meter. The optimal size of the aisle is 70 cm, and 50 cm in the row between the bushes.

Planting tomato seedlings

Further care of the seedlings is timely watering, loosening the soil, removing weeds. As it grows, it is necessary to plant the garter and form a shrub with the help of a hatching. The brushes of the plant are strong, they easily withstand the weight of 4-6 mature fruits of large size (this is about 1 kg), but tying up helps to protect the fragile stem from accidental breakage.

Advantages and disadvantages

On forums, there are often positive reviews of tomatoes "La-la-fa." They show excellent results even in glazed greenhouses in cold climates. The advantages include:

  • good stable yield,
  • natural fruit flavor
  • do not crack,
  • long retain their appearance,
  • resistant to several diseases.
Tomato la la la fa on a bush

The hybrid is not susceptible to late blight, fungal diseases, fusarium, cladosporia, tobacco mosaic, top rot.

Due to its taste, unpretentiousness, high yield in harsh climatic conditions, many gardeners liked the hybrid. The main thing is that you can get a decent harvest in the greenhouse from the end of July to the end of September.

Characteristic hybrid

The description and characteristics of the tomato variety La La Fah includes the appearance of the fruit, and the biological characteristics of the vegetable plant.

Since the tomato hybrid belongs to the first generation of the F1 varieties that are crossed, the seeds of the variety must be purchased in specialized stores. From them the bush in height of one and a half meter, with a large number of brushes, well leafy turns out. The first flower brushes appear on the tomatoes of La La Fah after six to seven leaves, and the next ones with an interval of one or two leaves. Tomato ripening period - 100-115 days after the first shoots. Each brush pleases five or six tomatoes.

The fruits of tomatoes have a number of features:

  1. They have a rounded shape with a slight flatness.
  2. Color dense skin red.
  3. The flesh is juicy, without voids, with four to six chambers for seeds.
  4. The skin does not crack, so tomatoes can be transported over long distances.
  5. The taste of the fruit is very pleasant, and their aroma is truly tomato.
  6. Red tomatoes are stored for a long time fresh, without spoiling, without changing the taste.
  7. Fruit weight reaches 130-160 grams.
  8. For the winter, canned tomatoes are prepared from marinated, brine. Tomatoes are suitable for drying.

The yield of tomato varieties reaches three kilograms from one bush with proper cultivation.

Secrets of growing, caring for tomato

Like all determinant types of tomato variety, La La Fa will suit open and closed ground, depending on the climatic conditions of growth.

As usual, tomato seeds are planted at the end of March for seedlings. Be sure to carry out the selection of acquired seed, its disinfection for the prevention of disease. The soil is also disinfected with a solution of potassium permanganate or boiling water.

For quality seedlings need careful care in the form of:

  • timely soil moistening,
  • make extra nutritional mineral and organic nature,
  • soil loosening
  • maintaining a stable temperature, humidity in the room,
  • provide optimum illumination.

Before planting in a closed or open ground, the shoots of the F1 hybrid are hardened for ten to fifteen days, carrying out into the air. Planting tomatoes produced in late April in the greenhouse, the first decade of May - in open ground. For tomatoes choose the southern parts of the garden, with deep groundwater.

The layout of the tomato seedlings in a permanent place is up to four vegetable plants per square meter. High productivity of tomato bushes depends on it.

To make the bushes develop well and bear fruit, they need:

  • moderately watered
  • feed every ten days, alternating between mullein diluted in a ratio of 1: 5 and mineral fertilizers - superphosphate, potassium salt, ammonium nitrate in the amount of from fifteen to thirty grams per bucket of water,
  • loosen the soil around the bushes after watering,
  • spray bordeaux liquid for disease prevention.

Although the tomato variety belongs to the determinants, but the abundance of fruits on the bushes can break the stalks of tomatoes. Therefore, they need a garter. It is carried out by hammering pegs next to the plant. And strawberry tomatoes are better when they are tied up. And for the tomato variety La La Fa, this procedure is required. The formation of a bush goes to two or three stalks.

And when the tomatoes are tied up, pasynkovanie will be more successful and faster.

How to tie up the bushes of tomatoes

In order for the plant not to die, its stem does not break, you can not use a string, string, or wire as a garter. An ideal choice would be strips of cloth three to four centimeters wide. If you want that tomatoes have not lost their presentation, then you can buy a plastic clip for the garter. It will last a long time, and it is convenient to tie up tomatoes.

If stakes are driven in next to the stem, then they do it so as not to destroy the plant. Metal rods, edged reinforcement and wooden slats are used as pegs. The length of the stakes should not be short. They are well buried in the ground near the tomatoes, exceeding the height of the tomatoes in La La Fa by twenty to thirty centimeters.

Some growers use specially made vertical supports - trellis. They are especially useful for growing tomatoes in the greenhouse. It is constructed from columns, between which they stretch a wire, a net, or a rail is packed. At the same time, the stems, brushes of the tomato are directed upwards along the support. Thanks to this design, plants are comfortable to water, they do not fall to the ground, do not rot.

Tomatoes varieties La La Fa feel good when they are organized for the right care, and delight in excellent crops.

Tomato Reviews

Musical F1 hybrid has only positive characteristics. From reviews of tomato growers, it is clear that the variety has several advantages:

  1. Sort La La Fa - one of the best in terms of cultivation, unpretentious care.
  2. Small tomatoes are used more often for canning. And in the bank they preserve the tomato flavor and aroma. And the fruits do not burst, maintaining integrity due to the dense skin.
  3. Hybrid tomatoes are characterized by high resistance to most vegetable diseases. The plant does not respond to apical rot, Fusarium.
  4. Vegetable adapts well to the conditions of open ground, greenhouses.

But most of all gardeners in the variety La La Fah appreciate the fact that it gives consistently high yields of fruits. The friendliness and duration of fruiting allows you to make a lot of blanks from tasty and juicy tomatoes.

Productivity and cultivation

Productivity is at the level of 3-4 kilograms from one plant. Plants are determinant, self-editing. The inflorescences are simple, strong. The first appears above the 7-8 leaf, and the next - with an interval of 2.

According to reviews, the variety shows an enviable resistance to the main diseases of the nightshade: apex of rot, cladosporia, tobacco mosaic virus and phytophthora.

La la fa fa F1 is propagated with branded seeds, since the material collected by him himself does not subsequently produce plants with the stated qualities. On sale it is possible to find seed material produced by such Russian agrofirms as Aelita, Gavrish and Sedek.

Dry seeds are sown in a moist soil, and to improve germination, keep containers at a temperature of 28-29 ° C. When seedlings appear, they are exposed to light, and the temperature is reduced to an optimum value of 22-23 ° C.

Seedling care

When a pair of true leaves appears, the seedlings swoop, and when it takes root in an individual container, they begin to feed. After pre-quenching, they land in the ground. It is recommended to do this at intervals of 50 centimeters between plants and 70 centimeters - between rows. Thus, 3-4 shrubs fit on a square meter.

Usually at the time of planting seedlings reach the age of 50-60 days. Crop rotation should be taken into account, that is, if tomatoes were previously grown on this site, then the upper soil layer is replaced.

Leaving is simple for those who know how to grow tomatoes in general. Experienced gardeners to continue fruiting transfer growth to a side shoot, and generally form 2-3 shrubs in the bushes. It is necessary to remove the side shoots, for this they pull out until they reach 5 centimeters. Pre-install support.

Garter is highly desirable to make it easier for plants to keep the harvest. The land is kept free from weeds and loose. Mineral fertilizers should be at least three times during the growing season. After watering, the greenhouses are ventilated. The leaves under the set buds are removed to prevent the appearance of disease.

Elastic delicious variety la la fa on video:

The combination of such characteristics as endurance, yield and excellent commodity qualities of fruits, provided the variety La la fa with a rather wide popularity.

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Description of hybrid la-la-fa F1, reviews, photos

Mid-season, determinant, srednerosly, a brush tomato for greenhouses and an open ground. The period from germination to maturity is 110-115 days.

The height of the bush is up to 1.5 meters, it requires a garter to the support and a pasynkovanie. The best results were obtained when the plant was formed in 2 and 3 stalks.

Fruit Characteristic

The fruits are round and flat-round, smooth, glossy, in the stage of maturity of red, weighing 120-150 grams, good (for a hybrid) taste. These tomatoes are universal in purpose - suitable for both fresh consumption and preservation.

Yield: up to 3 kg of commercial fruits from 1 plant (subject to agrotechnology).

The merits of this hybrid: high yield, excellent taste of fruits and resistance to cracking, good commercial quality (keeping quality and transportability). The tomato is resistant to tobacco mosaic virus, fusarium, cladosporia. Not affected vertex rot.

Features of growing

Sowing seeds for seedlings spend 60-65 days before the proposed planting in the ground. Picks - at the stage of 2 true leaves. When planting seedlings at a permanent place on 1 square. meter plot is recommended to place up to 4 plants.

Further care of the tomatoes consists of timely watering (we recommend to install drip irrigation), fertilizing with complex fertilizer, weed removal, pasynkovaniya and preventive measures to protect plants from diseases and pests.

Hybrid la la fa is not included in the state register of selection achievements of the Russian Federation.

At present, this tomato can be found on sale from manufacturers such as Gavrish, Sedek, Aelita.

Formation of determinant tomatoes, video

If you grew tomatoes La-la-fa f1, please write if you liked them with your taste and yield. How do you assess the resistance of this hybrid disease? Briefly describe the advantages and disadvantages of this tomato. If possible, attach to a comment photo of the whole bush or individual fruits grown by you. Thank!

Your feedback on Tomat la la la fa and additions to the description will help many gardeners evaluate this hybrid more objectively and decide whether to plant it or not.

Variety description

This hybrid belongs to the determinant tomato, that is, has a height limit, completed with a floral brush. Recommended cultivation in greenhouses, in greenhouses the plant reaches about one and a half meters. In the middle lane and south of La La Fah, it can be grown right on the ridges, but in regions with a harsh climate it is desirable to plant a tomato in greenhouses.

The plant is powerful, medium root, has a trunk with short internodes. The leaves are dark green, simple shape. The first flower brush usually begins to form after 8 leaves, the subsequent brushes already go through two leaves. The approximate number of fruits in one hand is about 5-6 pieces, but it all depends on the care and growing conditions.

Tomatoes are round, slightly flattened, beautiful and aligned. This hybrid has a very high commodity qualities of the fruit, which makes it attractive for growing on an industrial scale, for sale.

The skin color is dark red, until ripening is light green. By weight, the fruits of La La Fah reach approximately 130-170 grams. The brushes are rarely small tomatoes, all fruits of the same size and weight.

The taste is pleasant, tomato, with a faint aroma. The flesh is very juicy, there are no voids inside, the skin does not crack. Seeds in the chambers (they are usually from 4 to 6) are few. Fruits have universal use and go to salads, in conservation, for the preparation of various tomato products.

Tomatoes of this hybrid are suitable for long-term transportation, do not lose their presentation, taste. At home can be stored up to one and a half or even two months.

Reviews on the cultivation of tomato La La F

Nadezhda, Saransk

Sootting hybrid La La Fa for five years, did not disappoint even once. There was one year when tomatoes were smaller, possibly due to bad weather. But there were a lot of brushes on the bush, so the overall yield was still on the level. In the greenhouse, last year, due to an oversight, I had a kladosporioz, all the varieties became ill, and the bushes in La La Fa were healthy. Recommend this tomato to anyone who wants to get stable yields.

Irina, Tver

A friend gave me a few bushes of this hybrid seedlings, she left. I am pleased, and the set is good, and the tomatoes were on all tiers and of the same size. Juicy, fleshy, from the end of July they ripened right on the bush. Taste is pleasant, sweet-sour. I bought the seeds myself for the new season, I will definitely grow.

Igor, Kirov

I always plant a couple of bushes of the hybrid la la fa, as this tomato is trouble-free. It gives a good and friendly harvest, ripens early in the bushes, and is stored for a long time. Taste in my opinion, slightly bland, but suitable for first salads. I grow it in two stalks, fruits almost until autumn. The most recent fruits are removed, dispensed at home and go to storage. Until the beginning of November, they lie very well, do not soften, the taste is good. So for early and late salads this tomato is quite suitable. And so basically it rolls in banks.

Features agribusiness hybrid

Tomato La La Fa is designed for growing in greenhouses, while to speed up the harvest it is necessary to sow the seeds for seedlings.

The optimal time for sowing is March, so that as early as May, at the age of approximately 60 days, plant hybrid seedlings in a greenhouse. But the landing time will be different for each region, because it all depends on:

  • climatic conditions of the area
  • shelter structures (greenhouse, arches in beds),
  • weather specific year.

Manufacturers like Gavrish, SeDek, Aelita usually sell this tomato seeds, so all the seed material is processed. Pre-sowing treatment is not additionally carried out, in addition, take into account the recommendations that are given in the information on the package.

Growing seedlings

For seedlings prepare the ground - suitable commercial nutrient mixture or soil, which can be prepared independently. To do this, use:

  • sod land
  • humus,
  • disintegrating agents (sand, vermiculite, or other materials).

They are sown immediately in pots (for a start, you can take a small volume of containers), general containers or boxes. When growing a hybrid without diving, the soil in the tank is poured in a small amount, and then gradually poured.

Seeds are sown at a small depth (up to 2 cm), covered with a film or glass and put the container in a warm place.

At emergence of shoots of tomatoes they are exposed to light. Further care is simple:

For fertilizing seedlings, it is recommended to use complex fertilizer or special compounds for the nightshade. It is advisable to combine top dressing with watering, while trying not to fall on the leaves of plants.

The room where tomatoes are grown must be aired. With early sowing, it is likely that plants will need additional coverage. For this it is better to use fluorescent lamps or modern LEDs.

About two weeks before the transplant, tomatoes should be started to be taught for new conditions, for fresh air. To do this, they (under the condition of warm weather and stable temperature) are started to be taken out on balconies or on the street. Tomatoes tolerate planting fairly well, but with the wrong approach, plant growth will linger, they will adapt for a long time to new conditions, and may even get sick. Hardening promotes good plant development, minimizes the risk of transplant stress.

Tomato care in the greenhouse

May or the beginning of June is the time when tomatoes are planted in closed ground. Ridges are prepared in advance, digging over and filling with fertilizer in autumn.

Tomatoes grow best after cucumbers, cabbage, beans, onions. It is not recommended to add a lot of organic matter, it is best to add rotted manure, as well as ash. In the fall, superphosphate is introduced from mineral fertilizers, in the spring - potassium salt.

It is recommended to plant tomatoes when the soil warms up to + 14ºC ... + 16ºC. Early planting is undesirable, as the probability of frost returning is high and even in the greenhouse the tomatoes will be cold and uncomfortable. For disembarking choose an overcast day, but if there is a hot sunny weather, it is best to carry out a transplant in the evening.

In the garden, the wells are prepared, be sure to spill them well with water, then seedlings of tomatoes are planted, sprinkled with soil and slightly compacted soil. Planting scheme - 3 stalks per square meter. With a more dense planting decreases the yield of tomatoes.

The first watering of tomatoes is carried out after about a week, using only warm (+ 22ºC) water. In the future, watering is carried out about twice a week, focusing on the weather and the condition of the tomatoes themselves. Watering in the greenhouse should be regular, abundant, but it should not be allowed high humidity of the soil and air. In such conditions, tomatoes begin to hurt, and even genetic resistance to various infections will not save.

To create an optimal microclimate we recommend:

  • regularly ventilate the greenhouse, opening all windows, doors,
  • on hot days, the doors to the greenhouse are not closed even for the night,
  • soil mulching: hay, sawdust, root, wood chips.

This technique will eliminate the growth of weeds, protect the soil from waterlogging and drought. Tomatoes on ridges with mulch are stronger and healthier.

In order for the hybrid La La Fa gave a good harvest, we must not forget about feeding. To do this, use:

Nitrogen fertilizers are used in the first stages of growing tomatoes, but after the beginning of flowering, as well as at the beginning of the formation of the fruits of the plant should receive more potassium and phosphorus. Herb extracts (“green tea”) are excellent as fertilizers, when mowed grass and weeds are drawn in a barrel or any other container. The composition, which is present for about a week, is diluted with water (one liter of infusion per bottle of water) and tomatoes are poured over them.

Another type of dressing - foliar, which are carried out by spraying. To do this, prepare compounds with iodine, boric acid, urea. After such treatments, the formation of tomatoes is faster in the hands, the fruits turn red on the bush in a short time.

With any method of fertilizer, one should remember about the dosages of the elements and not to exceed the norm.

A tall hybrid needs to be staved, as well as to form a bush. The best option is to grow la la fa in two stalks, removing all other side shoots. As the second trunk leave the strongest stepson under the first flower brush. For a powerful plant, we also need supports (stakes with ribbons for garters and tassels) or special trellis.

With proper and caring care, the first fruits of La La Fa are removed in early July, and then the harvest goes until the end of the summer. It is recommended to remove tomatoes in a state of technical ripeness so that the plant does not waste strength on their full ripening. Filmed green, the fruits of the hybrid ripen well in the room, while on the bush new batches of tomatoes are formed and grow.

For the prevention of diseases, you can use folk remedies: whey, infusions of garlic, milk with iodine (spraying plants). Good results are obtained by spraying tomatoes with Bordeaux mixture, as well as copper-containing preparations.

In the greenhouse, humidity is strictly controlled, avoiding the "greenhouse effect" and the appearance of condensate. When creating optimal conditions, tomatoes will surely please you with an excellent harvest.

The advantages and disadvantages of the hybrid La La Fah

Hybrid la la fa can be safely attributed to those tomatoes, which in many gardeners are real favorites. We list the main advantages of the hybrid:

  1. High yield (up to 4, 5 kg from one bush).
  2. The average time of fruit ripening. This enables gardeners, even in risky farming regions, to get good results.
  3. Stability.
  4. High taste of tomatoes. Many people note the natural taste of the fruits of La La Fah, which is not always the case for hybrids and greenhouse tomatoes.
  5. Great keeping quality.
  6. Suitability for transportation.
  7. High commodity qualities and their preservation even at long storage.
  8. Resistance to many diseases of tomatoes.
  9. Resistance to bad weather.
  10. An opportunity to grow a tomato both in the greenhouse (the main way), and in an open ground.
  11. Unpretentiousness.

When grown in two stems, the tomato will give a long time to harvest. From the hybrid, you can collect the fruits (subject to full care and create a comfortable environment) from July to mid-autumn. It is very important that the La La Tomatoes are suitable for all types of processing, fresh, tasty, can be used for preservation, salting.

The disadvantages of the hybrid conditional: the need for good nutrition of plants, the formation of a bush and compulsory pasynkovanie. Without adherence to these techniques, you cannot get a high yield, although La La Fa will delight you with tasty and juicy fruits in any case.

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