Crop production

In October, the rate of export of flax seeds from Ukraine increased significantly

According to the results of 2017, Ukraine exported 56.9 thousand tons of flax seeds with a total value of $ 19.4 million.

According to ProAgro, referring to the GFS data, such indicators are 1.3 times higher than the result of 2016, when farmers sent to foreign markets 44 thousand tons of flax seeds for 15.3 million dollars.

The leader in importing this product from our country, as in 2016, was Vietnam. In 2017, its share in the total volume of imports of Ukrainian flax was 38.1% (by 7.4 million dollars).

In addition, Ukraine exported a significant amount of flax seeds to Poland (16.8%, by $ 3.3 million) and Turkey (8.1%, by $ 1.6 million).

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